Event-Fotografie A. Tofahrn

Tips and Tricks

No, I don't try to write another essay about getting a perfect photographer. There are already a lot around.
What I want to do is to clearify some technical details of digital photography and offer the interested reader some insight into my way of making photos.
Some words on perspective
The most essential parameter for great images is the right viewpoint not your camera.
The perfect light
For me light is at least as essential to my images as the right perspective.
In the digital world setting the correct whitebalance is the key for getting correct colors.
Extreme light
There are light-situations, especially within the night, which can't be handled even from modern cameras.
In some situations using a RAW-format may be useful.
Panoramic images
Nowadays you can create panoramic images with less effort.
The Aperture
Do you know that aperture has a significant influence on maximum sharpness with most lenses?
Polarization filters
Polarization filters can make your colors more vivid, sometimes.
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