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Panoramic Images

Did you ever try to create a large panorama from several images? There are at least two reasons to do it. The first reason is a higher resolution which you'll need for larger prints. And second you can create round-views which can't be captured by a single exposure.
I'll show you some examples of what can be done with little efford.
Dome of Cologne
D200, 6 portrait images, 9700x3802 ~ 36MPixel
You may already found the left part of this panorama in the night-section. To get a similar view with a single exposure you'll need a real wide angle and will get some distortion like bowed towers. The images of this panorama were taken with a focal length of 100mm and are free of distortion.
Since I used a long focal length and the image was free of nearby objects there were no need to use a special mount.
This panorama was stitched using PanoramaStudio from Tobias Huellmandel.
Synxss Studio, Offenbach
D70, 12 wide-angle portrait images, 12291x2870 ~ 34MPixel
This 360 degree panorama of the Synxss Studio in Offenbach gives the impression of sitting in the director's chair. The colors in the image are quite authentic.
Since I've used a 15mm wide angle and there were near objects within the field, the camera had to be installed on a special mount to eliminate parallactic errors. Such a mount rotates anything around the nodal point of the system which is somewhere inside the lens.
This panorama was stitched using PanoramaStudio from Tobias Huellmandel.
Walhalla in the Synxss Studio
D70, 25 (5x5) images, 12164x6299 ~ 75MPixel
This huge modular synthesizer is named Walhalla and resides in the Synxss Studio, Offenbach. The major approach was to create an image, where all modules are clearly recognizable. The resolution of a normal digital camera is far too low for this. So I built this 2D panorama from 25 single images and stitched them together with the free application Hugin.
The single images were taken with a focal length of 100mm, so a special mount was not needed in this case.
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